Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The Battle of Marathon

No - I'm not dead - just been rather busy with one thing and another for the past couple of months. I'll try to fill you in on recent gaming activity. In July Martin Rapier and I refought Marathon using Phil Sabin's Strategos rules and my 6mm Baccus figures. A spurt of painting activity early in the summer had increased my collection of Hoplites and doubled my Persian infantry.

I ended up commanding the Persian Army (like they needed another handicap!) and we went with the historical deployment as set out in the Strategos book. This is seen from the Persian side above.

Early Persian sucesses were swiftly reversed as the (much) better quality of the Greek infantry began to tell. Finally the survivors ran for the boats and began an apprehensive voyage home wondering how the hell to explain it all to the King of Kings.

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Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

Nice to hear that you are still around!!! (Reports of your death are exaggerated!)

Phil's rules are very simple yet effective (having played them with him on his massive wargames table in Sidcup ... and been beaten by his son ... I should know!) and - of course - they use a grid.

The trouble with 6mm is I am getting too old to paint something so small; in fact I tried telling Sue that my eyes are so bad that I cannot paint a room (she did not believe me, for some reason).

Keep up the good work,

All the bets,