Friday, 6 September 2019

Quelling the Commune - part 4

Back to Paris now for the final thrilling installment.
While Marshal MacMahon bravely has his photo taken at Fort Issy...
...his troops assault the first barricades.  Happily the defenders ran away from this one.  Note the engineers with a barrel of gunpowder poised to breach the wall.
Historically, when the first Government troops entered the city there were accusations of treachery. In the game this was replicated by one of the Commune players being banged up in jail for a couple of turns. 
It wasn't all so easy thought and casualties were high in some units.  As well as facing musketry and close range artillery, our brave chaps had to deal with snipers and infernal devices.  Not least the dreaded Petroleuses - women armed with incendiary devices - who attacked troops and burned buildings.
It can now be revealed that the Government's negotiations with the Prussians (whose army, it will be recalled, still encircled the city) had gone well and two regiments of elite Breton infantry had been sent by rail round to the north.  They appeared in the middle of day two and effected an unopposed entry to Paris.

Several of the Government units got rather lost in the urban sprawl - the apparently empty areas were assumed to be heavily built up.
Some of the mob made a fight of it, others fled.  Some rather annoyingly fled and then made a fight of it.
The great 'central redoubt' in front of the town hall.
By now (c1600hrs in real time) Republican columns were closing in on the centre from several directions and the end was no longer in doubt.

The players, apparently awaiting the firing squad.  Or more likely tea and buns.  From left - Graham, your humble correspondent, Mike, Anthony and Brian.  PW is safely behind the camera.  Well done to all!


Martin Rapier said...

Great stuff. Vive La France!

Mark, Man of TIN said...

Superbe! Magnifique! What a great urban cobbled garden or yarden 54mm game. H G Wells would be very proud of these "Petite Guerres".

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Tim I love you .. Why .. because I said to my wife
"It could be worse" ... (she looking around at my collections) said ... "How?"
And then I showed her your Blog!

You're mad, but I am going to get myself a military hat of some description and come across to Sheffield

Robert (Bob) Cordery said...


Just got back from our latest cruise, and I've just managed to read your blog.

The game looked great, and I wish that I'd been able to join you.

I see that Prinz August has some new 54mm figure moulds in the pipeline, and I'm very, very tempted to build up a small army or two, although I need another project like I need a hole in the head!

All the best,


Tim Gow said...

Martin Rapier
Ah yes, but which France?

Tim Gow said...

Mark, man of TIN
Thanks - the cobbled courtyard added greatly to the atmosphere.

Tim Gow said...

Further proof of Mrs Gow’s saintliness then?

Tim Gow said...

Bob Cordery
Best stick with plastic - there’s such a lot of stuff available now.