Thursday, 13 June 2019

Danish F-100 Super Sabre

This scruffy specimen was rescued from an eBay purchase batch. No idea what make the kit is. While solidly built, it looked as though previous paint had been removed. And replaced with dust.  I eventually decided it was destined for Denmark. Here are four excellent reasons why:
1. The Royal Danish Air Force used F-100 from 1961-1982. Prime Little Cold Wars decades!
2. Bertrand and I have vague plans for a Warpact landing in the Baltic.
3. It’s an easy paint job.
4. I have memories of seeing Danish Sabres in flight over the Highlands c1980.
Some repairs were needed but I decided to keep things basic and not add bits which might promptly fall off again.
I did warn you that the paintwork was basic!  The all-over green finish was relieved by the markings. The roundels began life as WW2 Japanese with the white inners painted in. The tail flashes were painted by hand.

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Robert (Bob) Cordery said...


Just what you need to intercept MIGs over the Baltic!

The Royal Danish Navy had some nice ships during the Cold War. The destroyers always seemed a bit top heavy but packed quite a punch.

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