Thursday, 15 November 2018

The Cold War - again!

This is the latest in the Quartermaster General series of game - and given the subject matter it should come as no surprise that I signed up for the kickstarter.  We tried it last night and got through six turns in 90 minutes - a respectable first outing.
 The game board looks very familiar, and as usual the game is driven by cards - no dice in sight!  It accommodates up to six players in three 'blocs'.  For out test game, in the blue corner Jerry and Robert were the decadent capitalists, in red Martin and John were the 'nuke 'em till they glow' Commies, while Pete (visiting from Huddersfield) and I made up the peace-loving non-aligned bloc with yellow (Chinese), Orange (Indian) and brown (others) pieces.
Pete and I swiftly consolidated our hold on SE Asia while the rest of the world was preoccupied by the reds building a wall round Berlin - and them bombing it!
Germany soon turned red, encouraging the comrades in Italy. Meanwhile our army in the Balkans kept very quiet...  Our plan was basically to encourage the encourage the big boys to slug each other stupid while we quietly racked up victory points.  Much to Jerry's (very entertaining) fury it worked!
 The red menace rolls westward.  Martin was unable to restrain John from making use of shiny WMDs.  We meanwhile secured Turkey and the Middle East.... well as Iran and Australia, though I (as Chairman Mao) wasn't best pleased about the Indian fleet in the South China Sea.  There's a clue in the name there Pete!
Near the end - the reds have overrun western Europe and kicked us out of the Balkans.  But no-one was quite ready for us to build forces in (Nationalist) Spain and dispatch the NATO fleet in the Atlantic!  Once again General Franco has the last laugh!
My recently acquired figure of General Franco laughing.


Don M said...

And Vald watching laments....woulda,coulda,shoulda........)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Winter entertainment sorted then!

Pete. said...

Great game to play- thanks for that.

Re: the Indian fleet... merely protecting Indonesia from any predating USN vessels....



Tim Gow said...

Don M
I'm sure we all missed opportunities - but everyone had fun!

Tim Gow said...

We'll probably play it again at the Xmas meeting - I'll let you have the date when it's sorted.

Tim Gow said...

No harm done - and we did sink a fleet!