Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Olpae 426BC

 We continued our progress through the Peloponnesian War with another showdown between the Athenians and Spartans, each with allies.  Martin as Eurylochus led the Spartans (right) while John as Demosthenes led the Athenians, assisted by Tim C.
 As usual many of the toys were genuinely ancient - these (Spartan) hoplites being veterans of at least 40 campaign seasons!
 The Athenians looked more like clean living lads.
 The Spartans opened hostilities on the left...
 ...but the offensive soon stalled.

 A general Spartan advance followed...

 ...and the main bodies of both armies were soon in contact...
 ...and dead hoplites were soon piling up.
 On of the casualties was none other than Eurylochus himself - his demise being followed by that of his subordinate!

 The finger of Demosthenes points - at er, Demosthenes.

 As usual this game went to the wire - with victory possible for either side as the casualties mounted.
 By now these peltasts were the Spartan's strongest unit!
The coupe de grace was administered by Demosthenes and his chums - killing off an already damaged light infantry unit to secure victory.

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Rob Young said...

Always love to see loads of old figures. 40 years understates it a bit - those Minifigs 'S' Range hoplites went out of production around 1972-1973.