Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Araxes, 529BC

Historically this battle saw Cyrus The Great try to extend his domains east of the Caspian Sea.  Here he encountered the Massagetai and in an earlier battle captured the heir to the throne.  The lad in question, Spargapises,   committed suicide rather then be ransomed.  None of this endeared Cyrus to the local Queen, Tomyris, who ordered her archers to target the Persian King .  It clearly worked for Cyrus perished on the field.  What would happen this time round?
For the game - played using my Hexon terrain and 25mm toys - I was Cyrus the Great while John played the enraged Queen.  The top photo shows the initial deployments - Persians astride the river.

The King of Kings skulking behind his Immortals.
The Persian line soon surged forward
My plan was to keep the enemy pinned against the hill line.
Persian cavalry making a little foray on the left.  The marshy ground didn't help.
A Persian unit scores an unheard-of three hits against a Massagetai warrior unit.  That'll teach 'em.

As you can see, it got very messy in the centre.

Even Cyrus braved the hail of arrows and advanced to encourage his Immortals...
...who duly dispatched a seventh enemy unit to secure a hard-fought victory.

So Cyrus lives still!