Saturday, 21 October 2017

Battle-weary Beaufort

A fitting follow-up to the Blenheim, latest to emerge from the Partizan 'plane purchase pile is this Beaufort.  Never having owned or built a Beaufort I had to do a bit of research to establish the maker of this kit.  I think it is the Frog (or Novo) Mk1.
The model was in good shape and though the paintwork is very tatty and worn looking, I rather like the effect!


Pete. said...

The weathered look suits it- a Beaufighter next perchance?



DaveM said...

You're too quick! Re previous post... I'm interested in the black gesso and have seen a lot of people recommending it. Does it give significantly better adhesion with enamels or is it just more beneficial with acrylics? And a downside for my method is it looks very shiny - an advantage of an undercoat of Hu matt (but very slightly shiny!) black enamel is you can let it show through or just paint around black straps and equipment after undercoating. Maybe I should try it on some vehicles...

Cheers, Dave

Tim Gow said...

What's next? Even I don't know that!

Tim Gow said...

Dave M
You can still comment on the previous post.
Gesso dries very Matt. The photos were taken while it was still wet. I've no idea how it functions with enamels - I stopped using them 20 years ago!

paul_n said...


Is there some way of contacting you other than posting on this blog ?

regards Paul

ps nothing sinister honest and NO PPI :-)

Tim Gow said...

If you leave a commment with your email address on a post at least 6 months old it’ll be moderated and I’ll not publish it!