Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Misiche 244AD

We played this scenario back in March 2015 but, in need of a game for last Wednesday I sorted out the toys again and assembled an elite team of players.  Well some players anyway.
On the least we have the Sassanids under Shapur I and played by Russell and Nick.  On the right are the Romans under Gordian III played by Jerry and Martin.
 The striking force of the Persian army was on the right - four units of cataphracts and a pair of elephants.
 The Romans started within bow shot of the Sassanid infantry.

 The Romans were sufficiently annoyed to move forward...
 ...while Shapur led forward his elite troops.  And an elephant.
Battle is joined in the centre.  The camelphracts have come galloping over the hill (a sight to see!) and attached Gordian.
 Alas the camels perished in the attempt, but it'll make a good scene in the film version.
 On the Persian right a heavy cavalry grudge match was underway.

 The rather more jumbled armies at half time.

 Confused fighting in the centre.

 This elephant inflicted several hits.  Some on the enemy....

 The end.  Gordian overturns history by claiming a seventh blood-soaked banner...

...while Shapur managed only five.

The real Gordian III was killed during or shortly after the battle.  Not neccessarily by the Persians.  He was aged nineteen.


Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

To gamers of a certain age those Hinchliffe Sassinids are of course iconic. They always make me smile and go dreamy eyed as visions of past unrealized plans for glory float before me. Bit like Shapur today perhaps.

Tim Gow said...

Ross Mac
I know exactly what you mean! I felt the same when I saw four Hinchliffe Assyrian chariots in another game recently.

Jeffrey Bickel said...

Beautiful figures. I play C&C Ancients with a similar set up. Thanks for sharing

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Excellent battle Tim
I must get on with some painting some ancients this year
Romans are a neglected element in my ancient collection

Trouble is 28mm seems to be winning out over 15mm these days
And there is a bit more painting involved there!

Tim Gow said...

Jeffrey Bickel
Kind of you to say so. Some of the toys are truly ancient - 40 years old!

Tim Gow said...

These chaps are old 25s. Much easier to paint than either 28s or 15s!