Friday, 6 January 2017

Even more storage solutions

 I have mentioned in the past my acquisition of more than a few of the Really Useful Boxes.  These are stackable plastic crates with lids which lock on.  A few months ago I decided to rationalise the storage of my 25mm pointy-stick armies as despite being all neatly labelled, preparation for a game seemed to involve rooting through large numbers of 4 and 9 litre boxes.
I thus decided to move largely to the larger but still quite shallow 10-litre boxes for storage, and to decant the required figures for a game into (usually no more than two) of the smaller boxes for transport.
This means that rather than being scattered across several boxes, my Roman legionaries and auxilia are gathered here in one.

  Similarly we have the 'Persian Cavalry' box.

While the 10 litre boxes can accommodate all but the longest pointy sticks some oddities have to live in taller boxes,  Behold the 'Elephants and Camelphracts' box!


Chris Kemp said...

Ah, the curse of the "Just one base won't fit in withiout squeezing" box size.

Happy New Year, Tim.

Regards, Chris.

Martin Rapier said...

That is very similar to my storage systems, including the decanting boxes. It does mean a bit of faffing around before and after each game, but that is preferable to faffing around at the club, and it means the stuff in the boxes actually gets looked at a fair bit.

Quite agree with Chris on the 'curse of that one base' syndrome though.

Ken H said...

AlwAys tricky, I continue to use the A4 filing boxes, but I'm intrigued by these plastic ones, I've seen Bob Cordery mention them too. How do you stop the figures descending into "melee" en route?

Tim Gow said...

Chris Kemp
Bloody elephants!

Tim Gow said...

Martin Rapier
Quite - there was a bit of overcrowding in the boxes I had for the Misiche game.

Tim Gow said...

Ken H
The smaller 'travel' boxes are floored with steel paper, the figure bases are magnetised.