Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Berliet Comms Truck

This Solido models of a Berliet fire tender was part of a small batch of dodgy die-casts I picked up at Triples in March.  Having need for only a limited number of fire engines I mulled over other roles for some of the toys.  The Berliet will now serve on as a radio truck in a Brigade-level HQ - a purpose for which it looks the part.
The original paintwork.
Red is always a bugger to paint over, but from 3 feet away on a dull day and without my glasses I can hardly see all the bits I missed...


Solo wargaming-on a budget! said...

I like this! A very good idea indeed and it looks good. I usually strip the paint from mine but now I think that there is no need.

Tim Gow said...

Solo Wargaming
I've been re-spraying all manner of dodgy diecast toys for years. You get interesting toys cheaply and as a bonus it annoys the self-styled 'proper' Wargamers.

peter said...

Nice work Tim!