Monday 12 October 2015

Birmingham Toy Soldier Show 2015 - part 2

Here are the rest of my purchases from Sunday.  These Great War British gunners and their repainted Crescent guns are a delight.  It would have been nice if there was an additional gunner, but I have in mind a suitable figure.
It's many months since I picked up any Solido models so it was pleasing to find this pair.  The Panzer IV has some paint chipping but is otherwise in nice condition.
The Sdkfz-251 is in lovely condition - even the delicate plastic radio aerial is as yet undamaged.
 I tried manfully to resist this Victorian artillery crew.  Buy hey, I'm only human. I believe they are Hinchliffe figures.
And finally...  This nasty plastic HUMMWV is more or less the right scale.  And it was only 10p!*

For overseas readers that's about $0.15 US.


Diplomatist said...

Those Victorian gunners are splendid!

Conrad Kinch said...

They are indeed! I like the crescent guns too.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Any more WWII Fletcher Pratt to be sighted on the horizon?

Brian Carrick said...

I'm incandescent with envy, wish I could have made it to Birmingham! Doh!

Tim Gow said...

Edwin King
I did try to resist them - but purchase was inevitable!

Tim Gow said...

Conrad Kinch
The guns have been very nicely repainted - hopefully this will spur me on to further such activity.

Tim Gow said...

Let me know when you can make it and I'll arrange a game.

Tim Gow said...

Brian Carrick
If even you are jealous I must have had a good day!

Milgeek said...

The Victorian gunners and the horse artillery look superb. Most envious. :)

Tim Gow said...

Stephen Beat
It's a nice wee show - you'll have to come along next year.