Friday, 9 January 2015

FROG Phantom fun - part 4

 It's finished!  I combined some of the markings from the kit to complete the Phantom as XT589 - formerly of the Royal Navy's 892 Squadron flying off Ark Royal - and subsequently transferred to No. 111 Sqn, RAF based at Leuchars in Fife.  Why that unit?  As regular readers know, Leuchars was my 'local' airbase when I were a lad.  I also have an old friend who worked there on these very aircraft.
 I just love those four Sparrows in their semi-recessed mounts.
 What could be more Cold War than a Phantom?  
                                                               Only this perhaps.


Nick Grant said...

Nice work Tim. Very...'80s!

Pete. said...

That looks great- no mounting for a flight stand though?



Paul Foster said...

Phabulous looking work Tim.

I agree about the choice of scheme, very Cold War.

Nice one.

Stephen Beat said...

Awwwww....Leuchars. That brings back memories. I sat in a Phantom cockpit during a school visit. I remember being a right smart-arse and asking the pilot why no cannon - 'Nobody uses cannon these days' was his reply!

This was in about 1973...It seems the lessons the USAF learned in Vietnam hadn't reached Scotland yet!

Still, a beautiful - but much overlooked - RAF aircraft. And some really nice work there Tim.

The Dancing Cake Tin said...

You know another Phantom Phixer as well. You can have cannon. The mighty SUU-23A Gun Pod ;)

Tim Gow said...

Nick Grant
Seventies, man!

Tim Gow said...

I can always drill one out later. Mostly I just rest aircraft on (empty) pint glasses.

Tim Gow said...

Paul Foster
Not bad in view of the £2 or so it owes me.

Tim Gow said...

Stephen Beat
So the wave of nostalgia swamped you too?

Tim Gow said...

Dancing Cake Tin
Sorry - I phorgot! If I build another I'll get you to glue the bombs on...

The Dancing Cake Tin said...

Bombs? BOMBS? Pah! I'll leave the mud-moving to you, old boy. Air Defence is where it (used to be) at ;-)