Monday, 15 September 2014

Another tank attack! LCW game report - part 3

We return to Kakstadt just as NATO air makes it's first appearance.  You will no doubt recognise my recently completed F-104 on it's debut mission.
 Actually the Starfighter was in fighter mode and tasked with the interception of a nasty MiG-21.
The Fishbed soon flew off - no doubt much to the relief of the Chieftain crews below.....
....but it wasn't all good news for NATO.  This Chieftain had to make three saving rolls - needing 3+ on each.
The Luftwaffe soon returned... the shape of my Alpha Jet.  No WarPact fighters appeared to chase it off and in went the strike.
The 'stick' of bombs took some of the shine off the WarPact victory by converting a couple of T-55s into scrap metal, but by now the British tanker had decided it was time to clear off.  And it started raining again.

This game not only provided us with another run through of the tank/AT/ATGM gunnery systems but also gave the revised air/counter-air rules a decent workout.  To sum up, this game saw 2 WarPact tank battalions against a dug in reinforced British tank regiment.  Both sides had sporadic air support.  The game took under 2 hours of real time.


Pete. said...

Great stuff Tim, dog fights on the lawn- superb. What did you use for flight stands?



Tim Gow said...

The air stands were bits of wire - like wire coat-hangers. If you have any, hang onto them!

Michael Peterson said...

I've been enjoying this series of outdoors battle reports. Very cool stuff. Your toys look so good in the great outdoors.

Stephen Beat said...

Very nice! I used to be a Starfighter fan (it looks so science fiction), until I saw a documentary on the British SR.53 and how Lockheed and the American government bribed and intimidated the German government into buying Starfighters instead of the British rocket-jet. This effectively killed what was a very promising, advanced and superior British design.

As usual - I digress! Well done Mr. G! Entertaining report as usual.

Tim Gow said...

Michael Peterson
Thanks for the positive feedback! There is, in my view, much to be said for the outdoor wargame - weather permitting!

Tim Gow said...

Stephen Beat
In other words - we was robbed!