Monday, 16 June 2014

Forbodian Peoples' Army reservists (c1979) - part 2

Here are the comrades during painting.  As well as some RPGs, they carry small arms of Yugoslav manufacture - M48 rifles and M56 SMGs.  And you thought they were WW2 Germans.....
There's a bit of a rush on to finish these chaps as I need them for a game on Wednesday!


Russell Phillips said...

I wonder what proportion of wargaming models & figures are completed as a rush job so that they can be used in a game?

I have (not at all fond) memories of sitting in a friend's dining room until the early hours building and painting a load of Esci T-62s for use in a game the next day.

Tim Gow said...

Russell Phillips
Esci T-62s? Didn't they have individual track links? I feel your pain.
I think that some of my best work has been churned out for imminent games - and I can't see that changing anytime soon!

Russell Phillips said...

From memory (it was about 20 years ago), they had a single section for the bottom, one for the top, then individual links to go around the front and rear.

As I recall, at least some models had side skirts, and we didn't bother with the part of the track that would be hidden by them.

joppy said...

Just in passing - Forbodia got a mention on "The Navy Lark" (radio 4 extra) in an episode broadcast today, though I don't remember the original date. Something to do with HMS Troutbridge stopping the navies of Forbodia and Eigerland from starting a war.

Tim Gow said...

See? Some people think I made it all up but there it is on the BBC!