Saturday, 19 October 2013

The Megablitz Archive - Messina part 1

The Race for Messina - July 1943.  This scenario has been played a couple of times - both at Newark - in 2000 and 2008.  For this post we have the map and the Axis briefing.

Axis Briefing                             July 23rd, 1943

Allied forces landed on this outpost of Festung Europa on July 10th, and despite a number of successful counter-attacks, our forces have slowly being pushed back.
It is expected that the Italian 6th Army can hold Sicily for at least another eight days, in order that the evacuation of personnel and equipment may proceed in an orderly manner.

From day two, Axis forces may ‘evacuate’ D6 stands per game turn from Messina.  Any units remaining on Sicily when Allied forces take Messina are lost.

6th Army

54 Napoli Infantry Division (represented in the game by 102 Trento Div)
28 Aosta ID (represented in the game by 60 Sabratha Div)
4 Livorno ID (represented in the game by Blackshirt Div)
Mobile Group ‘Sicily’ (a brigade sized formation)

10 Panzer Division
PanzerGrenadier Division ‘Sicily’ (represented by 164 ‘Afrika’ Div)
Flak Regiments 4, 7, 48
Artillery Rgt 54 (105mm guns)
Werfer Rgt 53
plus HQ troops and rear echelon transport elements.

Available in Italy
 5 Fallschirmjager Division (-)
(this unit may be airlifted to Sicily – a limited lift capacity is available – 1 Regt may fly in per day)
 20 Panzergrenadier Div – may arrive in Messina – each day roll 1D6 per stand – arrives on a 5 or 6, lost on a 1.  
Note that there can be no evacuations on days when 20 PzG is arriving.

Air assets
 1 MC-202
1 Cant Z-1008
1 Ju-87
1 Bf-109F
 All based at close airfields (near Messina).  There is sufficient fuel for only 6 sorties in total.

Report on enemy forces
British 8th Army – advancing from south of Catania
4x Infantry Divisions, 2x Tank Brigades
US 7th Army – advancing from west of Troina

3x Infantry Divisions, 1x Armoured Division


Paul Foster said...

A good action to game Tim.

Al said...

We like to have maps to follow whenever possible too, looks cool

Tim Gow said...

Paul Foster
It's an interesting action - and the element of competition adds spice!

Tim Gow said...

Ordnance Survey it ain't, but I'm glad you found it useful!