Thursday, 22 December 2011

More Hexon bits

The completed hex tiles.
I recently needed a few single 'desert' hexes to add to my existing Hexon collection.  As I had 'flocked' my own desert set (the original pre-flocked desert Hexon was a bit too orange to my eyes...) I used a few of the blank (bare brown plastic) hexes I bought at a show earlier this year.  It occured to me while engaged in this process that it might make a useful post for others considering a similar course of action.
First I washed the plain hexes in soapy water and rinsed them thoroughly before leaving them to dry overnight.  Next I 'painted' one hex at a time with a liberal coating of PVA and doused them with fine sand - as per the photo below.
When dry, I dabbed on further blobs of PVA and piled on clumps of 'grass' flock.  This is a good way of covering up any 'bald' patches in the sand.  Finally the tiles were treated to a blast of spray varnish.
The completed hex tiles playing host to some 6mm South Africans.


Ross Mac said...

Remarkable how realistic sand looks if it doesn't get repainted in 3 shades.

Modelmaker said...


Tell me that I read it wrong!

6 mm.???

İn any case cheap, simple and fine work!

Tim Gow said...

Ross Mac
Ah well, that's real sand for you. And it's really cheap!

Tim Gow said...

The toys in the last photo are indeed 6mm (1/300) scale. Mostly Scotia models, though the Centurion is a old Skytrex casting. The hexes are 10cm across.