Monday, 12 December 2011

Dyle 'M' for Megablitz - part 4

7 Panzer Division trundles across Belgium - what a target for the RAF!
The final part of the Dyle saga now - and the German advance continues apace.
2 PD surges into Belgium.
The French 5 Corps takes up position.  The Northern end of the Maginot Line can be seen on the left.
No sooner are the French dug in than the Germans - 3 PD in this case - arrive, together with some chums from the Luftwaffe.
Part of 3 ID(mot) photographed from the Korps commander's Fiesler Storch.  The Horch Kfz70s are old resin kits. Protz, Sd11 and PAK38 (a cut down PAK40) by Matchbox.  StuG III bt Fujimi.
7 North African ID marches (and gallops) to the front.  The genuine French lorry on the road may look like an old Airfix Matador but that's just a trick of the light.  Really.
Troops of French 4 Corps advance.
The font line moves ever westwards!  The black item which a lazy umpire has left in the middle of the table is a Megablitz Dice Shaker.
Confused fighting ensues - and the Luftwaffe are back!
The Moroccan and Algerian troops of 7 NAID are treated to the full force of the Blitzkrieg.
3 PD heavily engaged with 5 DIM (French motorised infantry division)
2 DLM joins the party.  Resin D-2 and light tanks, Heller S-35 and Skytrex AMR.
2 PD sweeps round the flank of 4 Corps and into the rear echelon on the Cavalry Corps.
Troops of 30 ID defend Conde against 7 PD.
3 PD finally overruns the positions of 5 DIM
The commander of XVI Panzer Korps views the advance of his troops from the air.
That concludes the photo-report.  By this point the Germans had largely broken organised resistance and were pressing on, in a broadly historical manner 'to the green fields beyond.'  On the German side the game had seen four Panzer Divisions and a motorised division in action, while the Allies had committed several (sorry, I lost count!) French and one British infantry divisions and two armoured (the DLMs).


Ray Rousell said...

Great entertaining batrep, some very good pics too!!!! Roll on the Germans!!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Brilliant series of posts Tim

Great mega game

Don M said...

Splendid game Tim, looked and felt (from the allied point of view) depressingly accurate!

Al said...

A seriously cool game, enjoyed the lot. Nice to see the Matador getting a bit use, eh, mean the Reanult:) Paul's been doing a bit on those too

Paul said...

Really massive game...Almost mega mate!

Those germans always seem to spoil the party.

10 out of 10 for the series.

Regards Paul

Tim Gow said...

Ray Rousell
Nice to hear you're not biased!

Tim Gow said...

Glad you enjoyed it.

Tim Gow said...

Don M
The 'French' players were all good chaps and didn't let defeatism and abandonment by the Brits spoil their day!

Tim Gow said...

Renault? Er, yes - well spotted!

Tim Gow said...

"almost mega"? No bloody pleasing some people! No invitations had been issued to the Germans, so the Frenchies were quite pi**ed off when so many showed up.