Friday, 21 October 2011

The Volturno affair, October 1943 (and October 2011) - part 1

Last Saturday saw me attend another WW2 Airsoft event.  Set in Italy in 1943, this was actually held at Close Action Airsoft's Weekly Hall Wood site in Northamptonshire.  This made it an easy day trip for those of us in the Sheffield area.  The scenario involved US and British forces attempting to clear up German rearguard parties following the breaching of the Volturno Line.
The German forces (about a platoon) were split into a section each of FJR, SS and Heer.  The Heer (Army) section was theoretically Gebirgsjager (mountain troops), so I wore basically my Luftwaffe Field Division gear, topped (for posing around the car park purposes at least) with a Gebirgsjager field cap.  Martin had enhanced his look with a big rucksack and a rope of the type normally used for securing ocean liners.  Steve chose to debut in his Heer uniform.
Photo credits go to Comrades in Arms members Martin R, Cheeky Chappy, Sgt. Heide and Pride of England.
The US forces gathered for the initial briefing.  Scruffy lot.
The Brits seemed to be mostly Paras.
The Fuhrer's finest.
'Claude' - actually a Simca Sumb, late of the French Army, which served as the German transport.  Think of it as a sort of French Unimog - with air brakes and a V-8 engine!  What luxury!
As always, players had made great efforts to get the 'look' right.
The appearance of affordable airsoft Sten guns a couple of years ago has greatly increased the popularity of British airborne kit.
Steve T tries out his camouflage.
This chap was very handy with his rather nice K98.
Steve showing off his 'weathered' MP-44
Coming soon - 'in action' photos.


Paul said...

My goodness, the weather looked very good for this type of thing.

Action shots and simca porn are needed.

I think you need better ammo pouches for the Mp44.

Tim Gow said...

I knew you'd like Claude! The MP-44 is Steve's and wasn't actually used except for posing. Steve used his MP-40 and I my M1 Garand. In the photos I am wearing GEW43 mag pouches.

Al said...

Great effort on the kit boys, very authentic

Tim Gow said...

I may not be able to paint Splinter camo, but I can definitely wear it!