Saturday, 22 October 2011

Busaco (Reynier's Assault), 1810

This was our most recent Command & Colours - Napoleonics game, played on 12 October 2011 - close enough to the anniversary (27 September).  Martin commanded the French (who for once didn't have to cross a river and attack up a big hill) while John and Jerry led the Brits and Portuguese.
Terrain and 15mm toys from my own collection.  And I didn't paint any of them!
The initial setup.  This and all other photos taken from my vantage point on the French left/British right.
The dramatic French opening move - two units each of infantry and guns roll forward.
The card which caused the drama!
The French centre/right.  Taking the village was a great move.
The Brits soon swung into action to repel boarders.
Allied forced converge on the French salient.  The Portuguese infantry were represented by and assortment of Austrians and Russians - mostly wearing greatcoats.
The Allied advance continues.  They seemed to be taking things very seriously!
The action begins to fragment, with Portuguese moving up while British gunners get an excessively close view of the enemy.
The French get a taste of portuguese steel!
Ah - that's why!  Good card.
The Portuguese have recovered the village, but it's all still to play for.
The French begin their attempt to recapture the village...
...and do great damage to the Portuguese unit they hit in the flank.
Soult finally moves his cavalry.
The centre is now contested by a load of very understrength units.
The Portuguese grip on the village looks secure - or is it?
British heavy cavalry - led in person by MacKinnon - overrun the French right.  And win the game.  As usual it was pretty close.


Paul said...

Up the froggies. just like NZ will do tnight with the rugby!

Martin Rapier said...

One day I will defeat that Wellington! Next time I'll be a bit more cautious, but the 'grand battery' in teh centre was great fun, especailly followed up by two successive 'bombardment' cards.

Tim Gow said...

...and just as close a result!

Tim Gow said...

Martin Rapier
Your opening 'Grand Manoeuvre' was a stunner and caused great consternation in the Allied command tent!