Monday, 26 September 2011

Roman Artillery

Selected for painting at the same time as my Roman General , and of similar vintage to same was this arrow twanger and crew.  It may well be that parts of the weapon are missing, but it still looks dangerous enough to me.  Not least because the 'spear' being wielded by the chap in the foreground is actually the arrow for the beast!
Observing the fall of the previous shot and preparing to reload.

The 'gunners' and eagle bearer during painting.
Nearly done!


Paul´s Bods said...

Roman artillery?? That looks like a greek oxybeles,(squeek!! I sound like a rivet counter...sorry!!) I suppose it´s not unfeasable that the romans had one or two in their artillery park. Nice paint job ..I like the wood effect .

peter said...

Very nice painted Tim!


Tim Gow said...

Paul's Bods
I'll take your word for it Paul! It's clearly under Roman management now.

Tim Gow said...

Thanks. The varnish covers up a lot of inadequacies.

Paul said...

Nasty in a nice way, whoever is operating it!

Tim Gow said...

Indeed - it certainly looks the part - whatever it is!