Friday, 12 March 2010

Terrible Swiftly painted toys

Following on from my earlier post, I have now had the opportunity to take a few photos of my 2mm toys.  I have 3 armies in this scale:  dark blue, pale grey and a small red force.  I figured that these colours would cover most nationalities of the mid to late 19th Century.

As mentioned previously, these figures are produced by Irregular Miniatures and are really rather nice.  For pics of figures which haven't been compromised by my painting and photography have a look at:

Painting, as one might expect in so small a scale was fairly basic, although thinking about it my painting of any scale is pretty basic...   The figures come cast in strips for infantry (2-3 ranks in various lengths) and cavalry and guns are in pairs.   I sprayed everything matt black and then drybrushed on the base colour (blue, grey or red).  A smaller brush is used to paint a 'stripe' of flesh at face level.  My Infantry and cavalry are based on 30x15mm card. 

Here we see an heroic Confederate division of 3 brigades being assailed by two stronger Yankee divisions.  All 3 have attached artillery deployed in support.

These are cavalry from my 'red' army.

Here we see 'blue' artillery in a redoubt.

I also have command (left) and army HQ (right) stands.

Finally, 'at the rear with the beer and the gear', wagon trains.  The board (a felt faced cork notice board) is marked up in 7.5cm squares.  The hills are cork tiles faced with felt.  The 'woods' are green panscrubs sliced up and drybrushed.  By inverting both board and hills (move the toys first!) we get 'desert' terrain!


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I like the potential of the 2mm scale.

I have a bundle of lead to paint. When I am in the grove I can paint a bucket full its somehow less exciting than the the traditional 15mm and 20mm kit I have.

When I do paint it I always go through an intensive spate of playing it.

I used a set of Napoloenic rules called 2 by 2 which were fun

Tim Gow said...

I bought the 2mm stuff as a way of quickly amassing armies for large 19th C battles. They were wheeled out again this week after a chat about the possibility of using them for Marlburian battles. I am basically incapable of painting anything pre-1914 in a larger scale...