Friday, 1 September 2017

Valkenburg - European Road Trip days 7 & 8

After the morning at the Bastogne Barracks we drove across into the Netherlands.  This journey included part of the rather character-building Liege ring road - a multi-lane extravaganza of apparently random on and off slip lanes (on both sides!), tunnels and bridges.
Valkenburg styles itself as the 'Dutch Alps' and the town contains an actual hill!  At one end of this elevated land is a castle dating from the 14th Century.  Sadly it is ruined having been destroyed in 1672 by William III as he was worried the French might capture it.
The campsite and motorhome parking is also on the hill.

The Command Bus can just be seen behind the bushes.  It's quite a drop so I reversed onto out pitch very carefully!
Bits of castle wall.  Despite it's poor state it is well worth a look...
...not least because of the views it affords over the surrounding landscape.

Further up the hill is a cafe and tower accessible by...
...a chairlift!
The Command Bus is at the far end.

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