Tuesday 19 May 2015

Shopping at Triples - part 1 - kits

Actually I didn't buy much - I rarely do at any show these days - but I will somehow string out my paltry purchases over three posts.  
First up is this useful pair of 1/72 kits - both destined for a hard but glorious career in the armed forces of the peoples' democracies.  To encourage their crews' commitment to the cause I will leave on the sprue any bits which look like the sort of navigation equipment which might encourage defections....  In one of the great ironies of the Cold War, the vendor of these Warpact classics was collecting funds for the British Legion.  A handsome buy at £5 each.

I like these Heller figures, especially the 'Contemporary' - that is early 1970s - sets.  These are all incomplete with just a couple of figures in each but that was reflected in the prices.
Again incomplete, who knows what nationality these chaps will end up as?


Paul Foster said...

I really like the Frogfoot. It reminds me of a shoe flying in mid air.

Nice buys.

Tim Gow said...

Paul Foster
The Comrades will remember this slight....