Sunday, 22 March 2015

Passing the Taiping test

On Friday I visited fellow blogger and WD member Trebian (see his excellent blog here) to discuss some grown-up business stuff.  When that was safely concluded the splendid Mrs T quite rightly shooed us out of the house to the famed 'Shedquarters'.
Arrayed on the table was a scenario using Trebian's 'Taiping Era' Chinese Revolution (c1860) rules.  This featured impressive quantities of 15mm toys and some real Chinese buildings - bought there while on holiday I gather.
The setup.  Photo by Trebian
I took the part of the revolutionaries while Treb. led the decadent Imperial Chinese.  A full report appears on his blog (see here).  I am surprised to report a victory for my progressive forces, the more so as my battle plan consisted largely of waiting for the Imperialists to come to me and get shot at.
My grand battery in action.  Photo by Trebian

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Michael Peterson said...

Looks suitably old school. Took me a minute to figure out what the little crosses on the cloth mat were. At first I thought it was your camera but when I looked at Treb's blog I got the impression they were to make the table into grids. Interesting.
Hope all's well.