Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Revenge of the Pointy-Heads - part 3

The battle continues - still impartially observed by Captain Widdrington.  He seemed equally appalled at the antics of both sides.  Seldom has he seen such atrocities.
Vulgarian artillery continued it's barrage - a stray (or well aimed?) round landing just behind the SHS general's car!  Several already wounded casualties were soon put out of their misery.
SHS nurses were sent to remonstrate with the gunners...
...but their attention (and gun sight) was focused on the large wagon with the aiming point helpfully painted on the side!
(Another) confused melee was soon under way in the woods as the VG infantry were taken roughly from behind by SHS lancers!
Luckily for the nurses, when confronted with an easy target the VG gunners were spectacularly incompetent - the matchstick passed neatly between them!
While the nurses tried to put the gunners off, more SHS wounded were carried to possible safety.

The SHS lancers bore down on the VG infantry - who were already fighting SHS infantry...
...and casualties on both sides were many.
At this point, and having retrieved his car, the Vulgarian CO decided to offer the SHS troops safe passage to their homeland.  Totting up the scores revealed the game to have been a Vulgarian victory, but given the frighteningly high casualty rates it might be argued that - as in real war - there were no winners.

The weakened state of both Vulgaria and Svenhasselstein has not passed un-noticed by certain of their neighbours.....


Martin Rapier said...

The photographic evidence clearly shows Svenhasslestein heinously using nurses as human shields (and they were wearing jackboots!).

No-one told us about any 'Geneva Convention' though. We did wonder why that wagon had a big aiming mark painted on the side.

Stephen Thomas said...

In answer to Vulgarian insistence that Svenhasselstein nurses were waring jackboots I refer Martin to my comments in RotPH - part 2.

In addition I will also instruct the Commissary General to send him a pair of 60043denier stockings.

Stephen Thomas said...

Regarding the Vulgarian shooting of wounded soldiers: Never mind about the Geneva Convention. I would remind you of the "Vulgaria/Svenhasselstein accord" in which it says VERY CLEARLY that all wounded soldiers of both nations will be treated with due care given adequate medical aid.

The ONLY exception to this rule is if a soldier is found to be a communist or has any relatives that are members of a trade union.

tradgardmastare said...

It's not cricket is it chaps?
Widdrington must be appalled, what?

Stephen Thomas said...

Just a short while ago this comment was overheard coming from the office of Svenhasselstein's Chief of the general staff, General Blofeld:

"Cricket! Vas ist Cricket?"

Don M said...

No-one told us about any 'Geneva Convention' though. We did wonder why that wagon had a big aiming mark painted on the side.

We had a similar issue with our antiaircraft crews and a certain
(it was claimed) medical aircraft,
our crews were clearly confused
that said aircraft was painted exactly like our target drones.

So it's OK Martin ...these things happen.

Tim ....Great game!

Tim Gow said...

Martin Rapier
Nurses in jackboots? Keep your fantasies to yourself....

Tim Gow said...

Stephen Thomas
That explains why you never have the heating on in your house,

Tim Gow said...

Widders was perplexed by the whole sorry mess.

Tim Gow said...

Don M
Art imitating life yet again!

Stephen Beat said...

I say, Matron! Ding-Dong! ;)

Tim Gow said...

Stephen Beat
Stop it - you'll have Martin off again!