Sunday, 13 March 2011

At last - Cavalry!

It might just be me, but sometimes there are models or figures that I just can't seem to complete.  I bought these 1/32 Mamelukes to use as light cavalry for my fictional Funny Little Wars country, Forbodia.  The first shock on getting home and opening the box was the sheer size of them - these are very big lads! 
I then prepared a few of the figures (the box contains 8 men and 8 horses) for painting by de-greasing (giving them a good wash!) and painting on a generous coat of PVA. 
Very nice artwork.  Before I opened it I wondered why the box was so big!  I need hardly say that my guys ended up looking nothing like this.
Annoyingly the PVA gathered in clumps, indicating that the plastic was still too greasy, and the Mamelukes were sidelined in favour of painting more co-operative figures.  A couple of weeks ago I had another go - washing all the figures thoroughly twice.
The box contents after washing.
Despite all this attention, the PVA still wouldn't coat properly and I ended up applying three coats of primer in order to get a decent painting surface!
Close-up of a couple of the Mamelukes.  They are lovely figures.
After all this work I was pretty determined to paint the bloody things and I spent much of last weekend doing just that.  Pics of the finished figures will follow soon.


Paul´s Bods said...

I didn´t realise they did these in 1/732nd...well...that would be mainly due to the fact i´ve never looked.
They do look good..but painting horses in 1/32nd? all that space to fill :-D

Mosstrooper said...

Nice looking figures though ! the problems with painting plastics puts me off them . Would some sort of industrial type degreaser work ? , have to be carful though might desolve the figs as well !

Don M said...

Nice looking figs, as I have yet to do anything this size I've been thinking how I would go about it.
There is a new spray paint in the states by Krylon that is made for
soft plastic like patio furniture
and tested it on 1/72nd can paint on the paint! It comes in
a wide variety of colors so I'll
spray them either white or the base
uniform color and go from there.

Conrad Kinch said...

Annoying as they may be to clean, they are lovely figures. Armies in Plastic have a reputation for being on the big side as well.

Tim Gow said...

I discovered them quite by accident in the local wargames shop. They've used up a lot of paint!

Tim Gow said...

Interestingly, I've not had this problem with other plastics I've painted recently - 1/32 HAT and ACTA and 1/76 old Airfix. I think these were just a particularly bad batch.

Tim Gow said...

That's interesting to hear - a link to the manufacturer would be appreciated.

Tim Gow said...

These are the only 1/32 figures which have caused me any grief so far. I have some AIP infantry - they are pretty chunky but nice enough for that not to be a problem.

Ross Mac said...

All of Italeri's 1/32nd are fairly hefty. The annoying thing when I was contemplating migrating my 1812 British to Spain was that Call To Arms offered small (1/35th?) Heavy Cavalry and Italeri offered large Light Cavalry.

Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

Tim Gow,


I am still struggling to put together an infantry unit!

All the best,


Giano said...

Hi everybody! Tim,
I have several Italeri sets of figures (only 1/72 stuff though). Most of them gave me the same problem: the plastic seems too greasy, and is very difficult to paint. Washing it with soap doesn't work it seems, so maybe is the plastic itself and not the greases.
What's worse, some figures which took the paint quite well, began to flake after several months.
Anyway, I love Italeri stuff, even more because I'm italian, and living only 60 km from their hometown means that Italeri kits are somehow cheaper and easier to find :D

Don M said...

Here is a good place to get it

Tim Gow said...

Ross Mac
I have some ACTA 'heavies' (still in the box), so I know what you mean. I'll just have to make sure that the Italeri guys are further away in photos!

Tim Gow said...

At this rate I'll have to build both armies so we can have a game!

Tim Gow said...

I live in fear of flaking paint! Nice figures though. Should we all place future Italeri orders through you?

Tim Gow said...

Thanks for the link. I have previously encountered Krylon in the UK being used to camo paint airsoft rifles.