Monday, 6 September 2010

Action on the River Gette, 18 August 1914

This game used Richard Brooks' Op14 rules to recreate the action between the German 1 Army under von Kluck....  (Not this one though!)
....and a force consisting of fully half the Belgian Army led by King Albert I.  I had previously played this game - umpired in person by Richard - at COW in July.  On this occasion we used my 6mm toys.  Martin Rapier took the part of Albert while I stood in for von Kluck.  This one:

The table was set up as per the photo below - as usual all photos are taken from my (the German) side for reasons of pure laziness.  The photo shows the situation at the end of turn 1.  The Germans (from left - IX, IV and III Corps) have moved on in a menacing Teutonic manner while aviators are scouting the positions of the Belgian Cavalry Division.  The Belgian 3 and 1 Divs can be seen in the distance.  2 Division is on the way but has not appeared yet.  The sharp eyed among you will no doubt have spotted that the 'Belgians' are in fact Brits and French (cavalry).

A German Taube aircraft overflying cyclists of the Belgian Cavalry Division.

The beginning of turn 3.  The Germans press forward while the plucky Belgians advance to contact.
The situation of the right flank - The Germans are forced to deploy both Corps to put pressure on the cavalry.
Turn 4.  The contact is made on the left while the Germans cross the Gette on the right.

Turn 4 on the right flank.

Turn 5.  On the left flank the Germans pin the Belgians.

The Germans drive back the Belgians on the right.

The left flank solidifies while on the right the Belgians prepare to sell their lives dearly!

Endgame - As the Belgian 2 Div finally arrives (top right), the left flank digs in while on the right the Belgians crumble.  As night fell we agreed that the Belgian 2 Div, together with some survivors of the 1 Div legged it off towards Antwerp.  3 Div meanwhile has fallen into a German trap and is pinned in place.


Paul said...

Nice game, I had always thought the Belgians ate the way through the war, but it seems I am wrong.
Good post.

Tim Gow said...

From my (limited) reading it appears that the Belgian Army generally gave a good account of itself. The big question is - can I be bothered painting any?