Friday, 25 June 2010

New Plenary Game for COW 2010

One of the effects of Paddy's sad demise has been to deprive us of the Plenary game he had planned. While I (and others) have been sent some briefings I don't know exactly what he had in mind. It may be that his notes come to light and that we will be able to run this game as PG intended at a future COW, but with
only a week to go 'till COW I can't rely on this happening soon!

I am therefore pleased to be able to report that Martin Rapier has come up with a cunning plan. Well, a plan. 'Completely Over The Top' will essentially be a lawn game version of his successful 'World War One in Three Turns' - as demonstrated by WDDTN at a number of shows a few years ago.

This has the benefit of continuing the WW1 theme Paddy was to use and will also require the construction of cardboard rifles and bayonets (or baynots?) Period Headgear (cardboard or otherwise) is also encouraged.

In a change to the advertised plenary game, WD Display Team North (aka messers. Armatys, Elsmore, Gow and Rapier) invite you to go 'Completely Over The Top'.

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