Monday, 24 May 2010

New releases schedule from GHQ

The highlight of the weekend's emails was from GHQ and told of their new release plans for the coming year.  I have edited the list to just the 1/285th scale (6mm) items which I present below for your interest and edification. 

My GHQ stuff these days all comes from the ever obliging John Skotulanski at Wargames Emporium.   Going by this list I reckon he stands to take an extra £100 or so from me in the next 12 months...

Where appropriate I have commented on the new models.

JUNE 2010

PzIV F2 (re-do)
Land-Wasser-Schlepper who could resist?  Designed for Seelowe and used (bizzarely) in N.Africa.
M-ATV the proposed replacement for Hummer, built by Oshkosh
M-19 SPAA twin 40mm on an M-24 hull
T-72 M1 w/ reactive armour
BKA-1125 armoured gunship WW2 Soviet riverboat with T-34 turret
Malaxa Tractor Rumanian built Renault UE Chenillette tractor

Kfz 18 Horch
SdKfz 250/3 command variant - most famously this one:
Wirbelwind (re-do)
Ostwind (re-do)
PG-117 fast boats Soviet speedboat, usually armed with a Maxim MG.
Sub-Saharan Irregular Infantry #1 no info, but don't they sound useful?
EE-11 Urutu Brazillian 6x6 APC - widely sold in Africa and Latin America
EE-9 Cascavel armoured car version of the EE-11

sIG 33 /1 grille Heavy infantry gun on 38(t) chassis
Waffenträger I w/ 3.7cm FlaK 43 not sure exactly what this is - probably a 38(t) chassis as part of the   Wehrmacht '47 range
WZ-9B Chinese Army version of the Aérospatiale (now Eurocopter) AS 365N Dauphin II
M1 Armoured Breeching Vehicle

Jagdpanzer IV (re-do)
M4A1 75mm ‘modernized’ Sherman
Bedford 6 pdr Portee
T-95 SP gun I gather that this is a new US replacement for the M-109
SA-15 Gauntlet land-based SP version of the Naval SA-N-9 missile system.
PLA Armoured Combat Team
US MRAP Combat Team

SdKfz 11 SPAA
Ferret Mk 1 AC Oddly, I think this is the model I am most delighted to see!
He-111 H-4
ZBD-2000 IFV amphibious IFV designed for Chinese Marines

APRIL 2011
P-40C Tomahawk
Jagdpanzer E-50
AMX-VCI great to see this  - a useful AMX-13 based APC widely used in the '60s and '70s.
Namer IFV heavy assault APC based on a Merkava hull
BTR-T T-55 based APC

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