Monday 1 February 2010

New 20mm toys!

I have had a brief burst of painting 20mm scale toys.  These are the first I've done for a few months.  The kits were based and sprayed some (>2 years) time ago but I can't bring myself to confess how long it is since I actually built them.

First up we have 3 Valentines.  All are I think the ESCI kit although the tank nearest the camera has a resin turret with a 6 pdr gun.

Next up are more 'I' tanks, this time a pair of Matildas.  These are the trusty old Airfix kit.  The only addition is that of a commender figure by (I think) AB.
To accompany the 'I' Tanks we now have some infantry.  These are all the lovely old Dixon figures which match very well with 1/76 scale kits.  Incidentally, for Megablitz purposes each stand represents a battalion so this photo contains a Brigade worth if infantry and an MG battalion.
Finally a pair of Honey light cruiser tanks.  I painted three but for some reason only two made it into the photo.  These are the old but very nice Matchbox kits.  Although I remember them being launched in the '70s.


Paul said...

Great looking armour and figures. The bases have come up rather well too...home made?

Tim Gow said...

Thanks for your kind comments Paul. Most of the bases are balsa wood - the Matildas are on foam core. This latter is my standard basing material for 20mm toys as it's so easy to cut. The bases are painted with a thick sand-coloured paint and while still wet, dunked in my tub of fine sawdust.