Monday, 21 December 2009

WW1 in three turns (or thereabouts)

This was not the WD participation game from a few years ago but a Corps-level game presented by Martin Rapier. In this 1915 attack, Corps Commander Nick Mitchell led our three divisions into the assault. My division was in the centre and had a frontage 50% wider than my neighbours'. Even the additional artillery I had in support failed to offset the deeper objectives I had to achieve. In the event my chaps managed to capture most of the enemy front line before the attack bogged down in front of the (hastily reinforced) German second line. On my left, dashing cavalryman Jerry Elsmore took some of the front line before stopping for a rest. To my right John Armatys' French division made gains second only to my own. Despite my efforts, however, I was sacked from my command - no justice!

The first photo above shows my division heading for the German second line. The next shows it assembling under the watchful gaze of an Re-8 (or 'Harry Tate') recce aircraft.


Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

This looks like it was a very interesting battle - even if you were somewhat unjustly 'sacked' afterwards!

Were there any more pictures taken, and if so, when can we see them?

Bob Cordery

Wg Cdr Luddite said...

Unjustly sacked ? Rubbish!
Maj General Gow's Div was allocated shed loads more support than the rest of the Corps and stiil failed.

Lt General Mitchell

Tim Gow said...

It appears that the Corps commander is pursuing a vendetta against General Gow in order to conceal his own incompetence!