Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Hexon terrain

I have 3 sets of Hexon (a set fits nicely on my 3ft wide table) - 1 of the pre-flocked green/brown, 1 in 'desert' and 1 in 'snow'. The latter two I 'flocked' myself, starting with plain brown tiles.

The desert tiles were 'painted' with PVA and then sprinkled liberally with fine sand. Real sand that is - I bought a bag from a DIY store. When dry, small random dabs of PVA were applied and sprinkled with 'grass' flock. The whole lot was then treated to a matt spray varnish.

For the 'snow' tiles I used a similar process but with Woodland Scenics white flock. First I sprayed the bare tiles with a rough coat of matt white - this gives the finished product a slightly patchy effect, which at least to me, looks better than a neat pure white finish.

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