Thursday, 21 July 2011

New toys and old friends

In advance of COW recently, Fred Cartwright had contacted me suggesting that I might like to acquire his collection of 20mm toys as he had decided to focus on his (unimaginably vast - even by my standards) collection of 15mm WW2 toys.  As you might expect, a deal was swiftly struck, and on the Saturday of COW a number of boxfiles made their way from Fred's car to mine while some cash went the other way.
I was particularly pleased to get my hands on this stuff, as I had fond memories of using it in a game in Weymouth an astonishing 12 years ago.  For more on the game have a look at the Megablitz website  - click on 'Scenarios & Battle Reports', then 'Operation Thunderbolt'.
6 Panzer Division rides to the rescue during the Op Thunderbolt game.
The toys unpacked for an initial assessment.  There are quite a few of them!
A few days after COW I was finally able to have a look through the boxes, to discover that they contained around 100 figures and 100 vehicles & guns - mostly painted to Fred's high standards, albeit many were (as Fred had been at pains to point out beforehand)  in need of some repair work.  In Megablitz numbers, this amounts to one and a half  Panzer Division, two and a half Gebirgsjager Divisions, a Soviet Tank Corps and a Rifle Corps.  Oh, and a Rumanian Infantry Division.
I have now decided to build from this lot a Panzer Division (6PD), two GJR Divs and a Rumanian ID.  The Soviet vehicles and artillery will be added to mine. 

This leaves me with a quantity of 'war surplus' for disposal amounting to:
1. 22 German Mountain Troops, (enough for a Megablitz division!) armed with a range of weapons. Britannia figures I think.

2. 38 Russian infantry (enough for a 3 division Rifle Corps) including mortar, ATR etc. All based in 3s on 4x4cm winter bases. Mostly SHQ figures.
3. Panzer IIIN. Metal model in winter camo
4. Panzer IVF2. Hasegawa kit in winter camo
5. Panzer IIIL. Matchbox kit in winter camo.
6. 2 Panzer II. Matchbox kits in grey. Missing gun barrels but otherwise nice.
7. 2 88mm guns & 1 Sd7 halftrack. Plastic kits painted and based.
Also loads of AB Figures Ger & Rus tank crews still in packs. Another division worth of Ger Mountain troops (unknown metal castings).
 - I am open to offers on any of this, so feel free to get in touch quite soon if it's of any interest!

Work begins - repairs are underway to a number of the Russian vehicles, while the Rumanians undergo re-basing in the background.


Paul said...

Score. You have a good mate there Tim!

The whitewashed vehicles look very nice.

Jealously creeping in...

Tim Gow said...

You're jealous. Job done.
Victory is mine!

Tim Gow said...

No7 (the '88's) provisionally sold to The Angry Lurker.

Don M said...

A nice haul fellow megalomaniac!

Tim Gow said...

Don M
Praise indeed from you!

Don M said...

Hey it's not like we don't do it for the bragging rights lol

Tim Gow said...

Don M
Damn right!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Heck you must be able to host WWII from 1939 to 1945 1-2-1 Division wise now :)

Tim Gow said...

Not quite - I'd still have to scale it down a bit! Still, I'm always up for a challenge...

Tim Gow said...

88s and tank crews sold, and I've decided to hang onto the Russian Rifle Corps (you can never have too many).