Friday, 27 December 2013

Funny Little Wars - the 2014 'Big Game'

UPDATE - Easter 2016.  This is still on the 'back burner' and may yet happen.  Especially as we've painted all those toys....

Following discussions with PW about a follow-up to 2013's Little Wars centenary gathering, we now lay before you the following proposal.  Updates will appear here and on the FLW Yahoo Group.

With the Great War `100' nearly upon us I would like to invite the Brethren to consider next year's FLW get together and reunion...
and what could be better than a Great or 'Grand' FLW in the style of Tannenberg....or
Army Green v Army Black in the vastness of South Yorkshire - which will stand in for East Prussia.

The aim, to play an Army Level game - with players bringing their own regiment/brigade/division.
From an initial canvas of support, we have enough figures for approx 300 per side - but I can see this expanding.

What next?
The date – sometime in April-June 2014
Venue – somewhere in South Yorkshire
Timings - Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon
Cost - tbc - but everything will be run 'at cost' as a FLW 'Mess' event

Please post a message on the FLW Yahoo Group if you are interested - and which side and what figures you would bring.

Figure guidelines
All figures should be roughly 54mm - with a minimum of four colours painted
Figures should be in roughly field dress for 1914 - Grey for Black and Green for Green ...if you follow..
There is obviously some leeway, as this is FLW, but we would like to get a good period 1914 feel.
Players are also asked to base their figures on 4/5 fig stands - this will be a big game.

Infantry – 16 -24 figure regiments
2 x Regiments + Staff (2/3 figs) = Brigade
2 x Brigades + Staff = Division
2 x Division + Staff (5/6 figs) = Corps

Cavalry – 8 – 14 figure regiments
Higher formations as above

2 Guns per Battery
2 x Battery = Artillery Brigade

Machine Guns
Attached at Regiment level for Black – Brigade level for Green

1/2 x Aero = unit
Each unit must field suitable aircraft models in 1/72 to 1/32 scale + supporting lorry/ground-crew/tents.

Balloons – each balloon must have supporting lorry/ground-crew/tents

Logistics – this will not be a Campaign as such – but will have Campaign elements, so Logistic units will be very welcome and will be very much involved. Field Ambulances and Hospitals will also play a part.

And there will be much more to follow as the game develops in the coming months....

The aim will be to bring together as many players as possible, and share in a really big game. Whether you can bring a regiment, or a Division – you will be most welcome – and indeed you can just come along and join is as there will be lots of units to command.
In the coming weeks I will produce Army Lists and a Table where players can slot in their units – or stake a claim for a particular regiment/brigade/division.

Once this is firmed up the scenario planning and writing can begin.

And my thanks to Tim Gow and the Sheffield Club for being the `home team' for the 2014 FLW get together and game.


Don M said...

this should be epic!

Tim Gow said...

Don M
Indeed it will. As soon as we have firm dates you can book your flights.....

Archduke Piccolo said...

It don't happen often, very rarely in fact, but once or twice in my life I have regretted that my great grandfather and his family emigrated from Essex into the Antipodean wilds... This event I would have loved to have been part of.

Tim Gow said...

Archduke Piccolo
You'll not be coming then? Such a sad lack of commitment to your hobby.......

Pete. said...

Don't tempt me...

... will have to give the whole FLW thing a go one day.



The Dancing Cake Tin said...

I plan to be available.