Wednesday, 10 February 2010

NATO Brigade Commander - the rules

Update 28/01/2016.  Many thanks for all of your kind enquiries.  

I am currently looking into making the rules available, along with a number of scenarios and photos of game - as a pdf.  

More news will follow on this blog but please continue to bear with me - I do have to run a business too you know!


HardRock said...

Thanks Tim.


Jules said...

Hi Tim

I've been looking for an 'operational level' set of modern rules for some time. I've been looking at your NBC rules but I'm afraid that I can't seem to see the 'hardware table' mentioned in the Direct Fire section on page2. Am i just being dim?

Tim Gow said...

Jules - you are by no means being dim, but I rather think I am! The 'hardware table' referred to in the rules tends to be fairly bespoke to the individual scenario (otherwise you en up with a 40-page table...) but i appreciate the rules are meaningless without one. I'll post a couple of sample tables over the next few days. As far as 'operational' level games are concerned -NBC is pitched at the player being a Brigade commander and I've never run an NBC game with more than a (Soviet) division present. You may want to try 'Megablitz' for the game you want - so far the largest such game has involved 23 players and several Corps (the northern flank of Kursk, 1943...)

Zeb said...

Hi Tim

I too think your NBC rules might be what I'm looking for but would appreciate a couple of sample hardware tables if possible - they would be useful for getting a feel for appropriate scores to use. I also wondered what you did for the sort of "company sized" support units found in a Soviet Regiment for example (e.g. AT coy, AA battery, recce coy) - do you represent these as units or assume they are part of regt's combat battalions?


Tim Gow said...

Thanks for your comment Zeb. What I plan to do is post a photo of (for example) a Sov MRR, listing the toys and the units they represent together with the relevant hardware table. I'll do this for a coiple of units (any requests?)


Zeb said...

Thanks thats sounds ideal. My vote would be for a Soviet MRR and for balance an appropriate NATO mech/tank battalion sized unit - British, West German or US would be fine with me. Also for some reason I tend to be stuck in the late 70s/early 80s for what I still insist on calling "modern" games!

Tim Gow said...

Ah yes - the good old days of the Cold War! I have ststs already worked out for US with M60 and M113 but you may need to keep nagging at me...


Zeb said...

US with M60s and M113s would be good.

Mike said...

Did you ever post some sample hardware tables?
I'd like to see them.


Tim Gow said...

Well reminded - I'll aim to get something posted over the next week.

A Heart Pumping Nitro said...

This is it?

I'm always surprised when I come across such simple rule sets. I really like rules light systems and can't understand why people would opt for more complex rules.

Have you considered putting these together as a down loadable PDF?

Thanks by the way it looks intriguing.

Tim Gow said...

A Heart Pumping Nitro
I have been thinking of doing that but am been a bit preoccupied with other things currently - not least the large Megablitz game I ran at the weekend!

Lenin said...

Would be very interested in the PDF of the rules and hardware tables mentioned. I did spot the Soviet hardware table that you posted, but would be particularly interested in the one for the US 9th ID as that was one of my favourite "armies" back in the days of Challenger.

Andrew Haney said...

Its been about a year and a half. Was wondering if there has been any update?

Pavelrot said...

Hi Tim,
Love Megablitz, it has reinvigorated my WWII Gaming after 30 years. I have a mountain on modern micro armour and and associated resources. Is it possible to get a copy of NATO Brigade Commander as I would be happy to create ORBATS for it for my eclectic mix of figures: Australian, Dutch, French, West German, and stacks of Soviets.
Sydney, Australia

Anonymous said...

Another request for Nato Brigade Commander - John Curry rates them, so that's definitely worth a look. Hows the tinkering going?

Consider this a pester, in the nicest way.

JD Lancaster said...


Very interested in a pdf or other file type if available for NATO Brigade Commander.


Andrew Haney said...

You and me both...